April 2019

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In computers, of course there are operating systems and software installed so that the computer can function properly. Open source software has now been used extensively following the development of an increasingly modern era. Not only used by individuals, but also by institutions, even some schools are also active in promoting open source applications. Especially with the booming Android technology. Open source, is free software. This means that this device frees everyone to see the source code, and frees them to know how the software works, also fixes the deficiencies that exist in the software. However, every thing that is created and distributed is also called a license, including the operating system or software contained in the computer. So, you must still pay attention to the open source that you will use. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of open source applications?

Open Source Advantages


The open source application is free. Anyone can use and develop it through their respective computers. Users can learn the source code of a software and also free users to create as freely as possible to see and understand the source code. In addition, open source also allows and allows users to modify the operating system and software, of course so that the operating system is better used.

Legal and not pirated

If you use open source licensed software on computers, then modify it and distribute it, then it will be legitimate in the eyes of the law or legal. So, you don’t need to be afraid to use illegal applications, because this open source is legal. All versions of open source applications are original and no pirated versions, because everyone can modify them for free and share them for free. While piracy usually occurs in the world of paid software. One reason someone is pirating is because the price of the software is quite expensive and not everyone can buy it. You must remember that using pirated version software is illegal in the eyes of the developer.

Open Source Disadvantages

Even though it is free, free, and can be created as you wish, operating systems and open source licensed software still have a few shortcomings. These deficiencies include the following. An operating system and paid software usually have a company, which certainly also has financial support and marketing from the company. But unlike other operating systems and open source licensed software on computers, they don’t have financial support, especially marketing support. So it’s not surprising, if the operating system and open source software takes a long time to introduce their application to the public. In addition, sometimes open source applications are quite confusing to users, because they are difficult to understand. Those who are not accustomed to using open source applications will find it difficult to operate. Open source features on computers are also not as fancy as other paid applications, this is because open source is not paid. But enough to ease the work and very helpful, right? Some applications are not compatible with more paid applications.